Ideas for IkedaCatholicChurch? web site.

Official site:

Unofficial Site

I'm thinking of creating an unofficial parish web site for posting public documents I'm working on and experimenting with web presentation of parish information.

Site name

IKDSNTAbbreviation of "Ikeda Shinto"/池田信徒 ="Ikeda Layman"
Parochianus Ikedensis[1]Latin for "parishioner of Ikeda" =パロキアヌス・イケデンシス
Laicus IkedensisLatin for "layman of Ikeda" =ライクス・イケデンシス
LCSIKDAbbreviation of "Laicus Ikedensis"
Laicus Agerlacus (gen. Agerlacum?)Coined Latin for "layman of Pond-field"

Leaning toward "LAICUS IKEDENSIS" because it's short, understandable, language-neutral, and a direct translation of "Ikeda Shinto". Use "lcs_" for database prefix. Use "Laicus" for administrator ID.


... unless and until content migrated to official site.


[1] "Ikedensis" follows Catholic Church translation of see names from non-European languages, for example Archdiocese of Osaka --> Archidioecesis Osakensis, Archdiocese of Oklahoma City --> Archidioecesis Oklahomensis. (Source: "Icedensis" is also possible since classical Latin spelling had no "K".