Developement notes for SDFMUD.

Newbie Weapons

Certain character classes (Thief, Mage, Assassin, Rogue, Illusionist) do not receive first weapon in post-chargen tutorial area due to mudprog error.

Darkhaven Academy (newacad.are) mob #10430 "the man" all_greet_program mpoloads #10468 "a bronze dagger" as the above classes' first weapon, but uses the keyword "weapon" when giving the dagger to the player character, which keyword is not defined on #10468.

Propose to fix by either adding keyword "weapon" to #10468, or by mpoloading #10437 "a bronze dagger" instead of #10468 (#10437 already has keyword "weapon" and is defined together with other weapons mpoloaded and given to new players by mob #10430).