TokiPona words from the Official Dictionary grouped by part of speech.

Compare with TokiPonaClassicWordList.

(Due to the fluid nature of Toki Pona grammar, part of speech classifications are somewhat arbitrary and vary from author to author.)

Parts of speech:

1.,2.a, kin P:emphasis, emotion or confirmation
3.akesi N:non-cute animal; reptile, amphibian
4.ala A:no, not, zero
5.alasa V:to hunt, forage
6.,7.ale, ali N:abundance, everything, life, universe A:all; abundant, countless, bountiful, every, plentiful #:100
8.anpa A:bowing down, downward, humble, lowly, dependent
9.ante A:different, altered, changed, other
10.anu P:or
11.awen A:enduring, kept, protected, safe, waiting, staying PV:to continue to
12.e P:before the direct object
13.en P:between multiple subjects
14.esun N:market, shop, fair, bazaar, business transaction
15.ijo N:thing, phenomenon, object, matter
16.ike A:bad, negative; non-essential, irrelevant
17.ilo N:tool, implement, machine, device
18.insa N:centre, content, inside, between; internal organ, stomach
19.jaki A:disgusting, obscene, sickly, toxic, unclean, unsanitary
20.jan N:human being, person, somebody
21.jelo A:yellow, yellowish V:to have, carry, contain, hold
23.kala N:fish, marine animal, sea creature
24.kalama V:to produce a sound; recite, utter aloud
25.kama A:arriving, coming, future, summoned PV:to become, manage to, succeed in
26.kasi N:plant, vegetation; herb, leaf
27.ken A:possible PV:to be able to, be allowed to, can, may
28.kepeken PR:to use, with, by means of
29.kili N:fruit, vegetable, mushroom
30.kiwen N:hard object, metal, rock, stone
31.ko N:clay, clinging form, dough, semi-solid, paste, powder
32.kon N:air, breath; essence, spirit; hidden reality, unseen agent
33.kule A:colourful, pigmented, painted
34.kulupu N:community, company, group, nation, society, tribe
35.kute N:ear V:to hear, listen; pay attention to, obey P:between the context phrase and the main sentence
37.lape A:sleeping, resting
38.laso A:blue, green
39.lawa N:head, mind V:to control, direct, guide, lead, own, plan, regulate, rule
40.len N:cloth, clothing, fabric, textile; cover, layer of privacy P:between any subject except mi alone or sina alone and its verb; also to introduce a new verb for the same subject
42.lili A:little, small, short; few; a bit; young
43.linja N:long and flexible thing; cord, hair, rope, thread, yarn
44.lipu N:flat object; book, document, card, paper, record, website
45.loje A:red, reddish
46.lon PR:located at, present at, real, true, existing
47.luka N:arm, hand, tactile organ #:5
48.,49.lukin, oko N:eye V:to look at, see, examine, observe, read, watch PV:to seek, look for, try to
50.lupa N:door, hole, orifice, window N:earth, land; outdoors, world; country, territory; soil
52.mama N:parent, ancestor; creator, originator; caretaker, sustainer
53.mani N:money, cash, savings, wealth; large domesticated animal
54.meli N:woman, female, feminine person; wife
55.mi N:I, me, we, us
56.mije N:man, male, masculine person; husband
57.moku V:to eat, drink, consume, swallow, ingest
58.moli A:dead, dying
59.monsi N:back, behind, rear P:animal noise or communication
61.mun N:moon, night sky object, star
62.musi A:artistic, entertaining, frivolous, playful, recreational
63.mute N:quantity A:many, a lot, more, much, several, very
64.nanpa P:-th (ordinal number)N:numbers
65.nasa A:unusual, strange; foolish, crazy; drunk, intoxicated
66.nasin N:way, custom, doctrine, method, path, road
67.nena N:bump, button, hill, mountain, nose, protuberance A:that, this
69.nimi N:name, word
70.noka N:foot, leg, organ of locomotion; bottom, lower part
71.o P:hey! O! (vocative or imperative)
72.olin V:to love, have compassion for, respect, show affection to
73.ona N:he, she, it, they V:to begin, start; open; turn on
75.pakala A:botched, broken, damaged, harmed, messed up
76.pali V:to do, take action on, work on; build, make, prepare
77.palisa N:long hard thing; branch, rod, stick
78.pan N:cereal, grain; barley, corn, oat, rice, wheat; bread, pasta
79.pana V:to give, send, emit, provide, put, release
80.pi P:of
81.pilin N:heart (physical or emotional)A:feeling (an emotion, a direct experience)
82.pimeja A:black, dark, unlit
83.pini A:ago, completed, ended, finished, past
84.pipi N:bug, insect, ant, spider
85.poka N:hip, side; next to, nearby, vicinity
86.poki N:container, bag, bowl, box, cup, cupboard, drawer, vessel
87.pona A:good, positive, useful; friendly, peaceful; simple
88.pu A:interacting with the Toki Pona book
89.sama A:same, similar; each other; sibling, peer, fellow PR:as, like
90.seli A:fire; cooking element, chemical reaction, heat source
91.selo N:outer form, outer layer; bark, peel, shell, skin; boundary
92.seme P:what? which?
93.sewi N:area above, highest part, something elevated A:awe-inspiring, divine, sacred, supernatural
94.sijelo N:body (of person or animal), physical state, torso
95.sike N:round or circular thing; ball, circle, cycle, sphere, wheel A:of one year
96.,97.sin, namako A:new, fresh; additional, another, extra N:you
99.sinpin N:face, foremost, front, wall
100.sitelen N:image, picture, representation, symbol, mark, writing
101.sona V:to know, be skilled in, be wise about, have information on PV:to know how to
102.soweli N:animal, beast, land mammal
103.suli A:big, heavy, large, long, tall; important; adult
104.suno N:sun; light, brightness, glow, radiance, shine; light source
105.supa N:horizontal surface, thing to put or rest something on
106.suwi A:sweet, fragrant; cute, innocent, adorable
107.tan PR:by, from, because of
108.taso P:but, however A:only
109.tawa A:moving PR:going to, toward; for; from the perspective of
110.telo N:water, liquid, fluid, wet substance; beverage
111.tenpo N:time, duration, moment, occasion, period, situation
112.toki V:to communicate, say, speak, say, talk, use language, think
113.tomo N:indoor space; building, home, house, room
114.tu #:2
115.unpa V:to have sexual or marital relations with
116.uta N:mouth, lips, oral cavity, jaw
117.utala V:to battle, challenge, compete against, struggle against
118.walo A:white, whitish; light-coloured, pale
119.wan A:unique, united #:1
120.waso N:bird, flying creature, winged animal
121.wawa A:strong, powerful; confident, sure; energetic, intense
122.weka A:absent, away, ignored
123.wile PV:must, need, require, should, want, wish