Domain names available for SDF web hosting service. See WebHostDomains for just the domain names.

36bit.com A celebration of 36bit computing.
3b1.org The AT&T 3b1 UNIX PC .. circa 1986
andropov.org En Russiah, Whe haf ah nyew freedem lyke en vest haf.
beevomit.org Its *honey* .. didn't you know?
buckybits.com Those bits that get frobbed when you hyper-control-function
bughlt.org BUGHLT - error condition on the PDP-10
chaosnet.org A networking protocol for LISPMs, ITS and others
decsystem.org Designation used for the PDP-10 KA/KI/KL/KS machines
deskshots.org Hot and steamy 640x480 images of other people's desktops
feckov.org In loving memory of Father Jack Hackett
freeshell.net Free Shell Network
gekiganger.org OK! Ken! Joe! Akira! .. LETS, GEKIGA IN!
godsong.org Either something very beautiful or terribly frightening!
gomen.org Japanese for 'forgive'
gopherite.org Either a mineral salt or a respected citizen of GOPHERSPACE
hactrn.org HACTRN - A real hacker's tool
inlisp.org When all else fails, WRITE IT IN LISP!
jerq.org The internal code name for the AT&T 5620 Dot Mapped Display.
loompaland.org Help Mr. Wonka rescue the poor oompa loompa!
maclab.org MIT Project MAC - See the JARGON file
maclisp.org MIT Project MAC LISP for the PDP6, Multics, TOPS-20, et cetera
macsyma.org 36bit mathematics at its finest
maikosoft.com A Kyoto based software company owned and operated by Maiko-san
massbus.org The proprietary BUS interface of the PDP-10
metapath.org Transcend the MUNDANE on the MetaPATH?
motherarse.com Ask a Japanese person to say 'Mother Earth'
multics.org UNIX came from MULTiplexed Information and Computing Service
myjp.net My Japan .. no, not yours .. MINE .. gomen ne!
natverk.org NETWORK i svensk! Also used for the SDF UUCP network
netlsd.com Timothy Leary's personal distribution network
ntfn.org North Texas FreeNET? never was due to a 200K+ annual budget
paunix.org Public Access UNIX
pdp6.org The digital PDP6 computer .. play spacewar?
pdp10.org PDP10 - a 36bit Programmable Data Processor (see xkl.com)
ramoog.org R.A. Moog started out building kit theremins
razrez.org Droog speak .. from a Clockwork Orange
sarse.com Avoid the dreaded SARSE! Its an S with an ARSE
sendhaha.org Was an historically funny COMMODE joke, but is Indian
shichimi.org The worlds most sugoi irritable hamtaro!
shellacct.org Your very own special, little, non-linux, shell account
sdf.org Rescued from the domain squatters!
sdf1.org SDF 1 our the original BBS name (from MACROSS)
sdfpau.org The Super Dimension Fortress Public Access UNIX
sdf-us.org SDF United States
sealug.com Seattle LISP User's Group
sixbit.org 6 bit characters, packed 6 to a 36 bit word.
supdup.org SuperDuper? TELNET protocol
taxreligion.org Want to balance the deficit? Tax Religion.
twenex.org nickname for TOPS-20 after BBN's TOPS-10, TENEX
trancell.org Transcend cellular communications!
theunixplace.com Its here if you really want it
thxmoo.org A MOO based on the world of THX-1138
traumhost.com A dream host for Deutschlanders
tx0.org Pronounced 'tik so' - Peter Deutsch's toy while at MIT
unixcab.org UNIX Cabinet (Its not a BOX! Its a CABINET!)
weeman.org A really little guy with a really big heart