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Prophesy and prefiguration

Although Exodus itself is an ancient story and only the second book in the Old Testament, the events it portrays were prophesied and prefigured in the book of Genesis.

God's promise to Abraham (Gen 12:1-3)

... but these were not fulfilled during the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, or Joseph.

Prophesy of enslavement (Gen 15:13-16)

Abraham's descendants will be enslaved in a foreign country for 400 years, but God will judge their oppressors and they will return to Canaan.

Enslavement and rescue prefigured

  1. Abduction of Sarah by Pharaoh in Egypt (Gen 12:10-20)
  2. Abduction of Sarah by King Abimelech of Gerar (Gen 20:1-18)
  3. Abduction of Rebekah by King Abimelech of Gerar (Gen 26:1, 7-17)

These stories have the following elements in common with each other and with the story of Exodus:

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